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RRG Application

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Dear Customer;

RE: Fix-Up Property with Seller Financing

Thank you for considering Rainbow Realty Group for your investment needs.. Please note that all properties are sold "AS-IS" and should be inspected by a competent contractor prior to submitting your application. Attached is a printable version of our Application for Housing. Please follow the steps below to insure a timely approval.

  1. Print one application per applicant ... (2 pages)
  2. Print one check list per property ....... (2 pages)
  3. Complete the Inspection Check List (as you view the property).
  4. Completely fill out the Application for Housing, signed it & initial it (as needed)
    Note: one application is required per applicant.
  5. Please scan and return the following items:
    1. Application For Housing (both sides) fully completed, signed & initial.
    2. Inspection Check list (page 1) fully completed, signed & initial.
    3. Copy of photo ID (both applicants)
    4. Proof of Income
      1. Pay check stubs
      2. W-2s
      3. Bank Statements
    5. Verification of Current Address
      1. Recent utility bill
  6. Our email address is ... Homes@RainbowRealty.com.
Our approval process usually takes 3 working days. This process can be expedited if the full cost is paid up front and all the information above is submitted with application.

The money you pay to hold the property will be refunded if your application is rejected.
WARNING! If you fail to take the property on the date requested, you will forfeit (lose) your hold deposit.

The property will not be held until all documents are received and your application is approved.